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Nom Parfum

Time for leisure, doing nothing and having fun. Caribbean beaches, white sand, creamy coconut and soft vanilla. Nothing better to enjoy a perfect vacation. Leisure in paradise is the warm Caribbean breeze that blows on the coasts of Cuba; saturated with delicious scents of sunscreen and juicy fruits. Leisure is a melody that echoes through the streets of Cuba and resonates on the beaches of the Caribbean. The sound of the sea is the lapping of the soul. Tropical poetry, an adagio of the senses that dances in the sun while the rhythm of salsa pulses. The beautiful pleasure of life lies in the beauty of finding time to waste. Contemplate, observe, listen and enjoy doing nothing. Spend time for yourself with your simplest values, free from any imposition. Having time to waste is a high expression of life! Gourmet PERFUME KEY NOTES Papaya, Coconut, Vanilla, Caribbean Wood

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