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ALTRUIST Eau de Toilette

ALTRUIST Eau de Toilette

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Description: Altruist Eau de Parfum is based on the composition of Altruist Eau de Toilettes, created in 2016 in collaboration with Berlin artist Paul Deflorian as a kind of edition. The composition of the perfume is strongly inspired by the inspiration of Paul Deflorian, whose atmosphere and color are reflected in his perfume. Given that Altruist has already enjoyed great success as an eau de toilette in limited form, the formula will be integrated this spring into the stable assortment of JFSchwarzlose Berlin. The high concentration of perfume oils reinforces the modern character of the eau de parfum. Notes: Transparent: Bergamot, Zitronenenessenz, Aqua™, Ginger Pure Jungle Essence™ Imagination: Rose Superessenz, Orangenblüte absolu, Muskatnuss, Black Pepper Pure Jungle Essence Contrast: Zedernholz, Vetiver Essenzen, Patchouli, Ambramone™

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