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1A-33 Eau de Parfum

1A-33 Eau de Parfum

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Description: 1A-33 is the first reinterpretation and one of the most successful perfumes from JF Berlin. Already in the 1950s, this composition was, for decades, a commercial success of the Berlin perfume brand. Besides perfume, there was a wide range of products at the time with soaps and powders of 1A-33. Even today, the exceptional scent formula of this refined perfume based on delicate linden flowers, magnolia and jasmine, as well as the fresh top note of mandarin and spicy red pepper. In the linden extract alone, the air of Berlin springs from the Path of Splendor Under the linden trees in the famous perfume of yesteryear - but that's not all: the name of the perfume also embodies the German capital. It is based on the old Berlin license plate Notes: Berlins Energie: Mandarin and red pepper and an accord of Spree drops The family heritage: Jasmin Sambac Absolut & Linden extract & Magnolie The rhythm of events: Cedar and lime powder 'iris

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